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Pvp Battle Royale #2

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We decided to do another PvP battle royale but this time, we added the twist of allowing ourselves to use infinite potions and food and we set off on our journeys, the teams were as follows. 


Team Runecrafting - Ego, Slaack, Steph & Yugi


Team Hide to win - L2 Dps, Karl, Wes, Demonslight


Team Week Prepped for Battle Royale - Alice, Killerflix, Adam, Dipyo


Team runecrafting did a mix of runecrafting, motherlode mine, gargoyle slaying, supulchure and arguing internally. Team Hide to Win went for similar strategys to team week prep however without the gauntlet as their team didn't have the sufficient gauntleteers. Team Week Prepped for Battle Royale had the following spoilered document as their strategy


Roles :

1 Miner
1 Dhide Gatherer
1-2 Gauntleteers



Requires: 85 Mining (91 Smithing, 69 Fletching, 60 Woodcutting recommended)
Objective: Obtain Rune Crossbows + Shields for the team

1) Go Straight to the priffdinas Mines and attempt to mine 4 rune ore, ensure you have 8 coal per rune ore
2) Rotate around the map, mining rune ore where possible (maximum of 4 per team member) for 30 minutes.
Note: If you only can get 1 per team member, focus on crossbows and mine adamant for kiteshields. 
If you can get 3 per team member sq shields (use brain and ask questions if unsure)
3) Once you have 1 Gold Bar and 4 Rune bars per team member, smith 1 Runite Limbs and 1 Rune Kiteshield per team member
4) Cut and Craft a Yew Stock and kill cow's for sinew
5) Complete the rune Crossbows and kiteshields



Dhide Gatherer

Requires: 99 Ranged (85 Fletching, 75 Woodcutting recommended)

Objective: Obtain Dhides for the team, Assist Miner at start

1) Go to mage store in priff and buy 2 Natures and 10 Fire runes
2) Obtain a Magic Shortbow, do this by getting 1 magic log from a tree in Priff, 1 Bow String from Catherby Flax Fields & a knife from Priff General Store, if you cannot fletch it's fine keep in inv/bank
3) Assist miner by obtaining coal
3) When Gauntleteer complete and obtains 1 alchable drop, they will trade you it, if you need help with making an msb have supplies and give to either miner or gauntleteer.
4) Alch item, buy either 225 (3man) or 300 (4man) Steel Arrows and 300 Mithril arrows (or as many until you have 999gp left)
5) Go obtain an ava's accumulator
6) Go to Myths guild and start killing black dragons, kill 5 per team member and collect loot + Black Dragonhides (should be 2mins per kill with mith arrows~)




Requires: Knowledge of the Gauntlet
Objective: Complete gauntlets, get rune, make money

1) Go Straight to gauntlet, complete normal (if noobie) or Corrupted (if pro), do what you're comfortable with, failing 1 gauntlet loses 10 mins
2) When 1 alchable item is obtained, give to Dhide Gatherer, they will then alch it for arrows
3) Be sure to track alchable items in chat and co-ordinate how much money you will have through alchs and also if you get any gems/nature/cosmic runes.
4) Continue gauntlet until either 35 minutes has elapsed or Miner and Dhide Gatherer is completed, whatever comes first
5) Alch all alchable items when completed. At this point we go to the grouped Stage

- GROUPED STAGE - 40 Minutes In

- Check how much alched money you will have, this is important for the next stage

1) Ensure you tan, craft and make the black d'hide into a Body + Chaps
2) If you have gems, you can buy an amulet mould in Al Kharid and make either Power or Strength Amulets (or Defence if poo rng)
3) If no spare Rune Helmets from Gauntleteers you can buy Adamant ones in the priff store
4) You must buy feathers at a store and 100 unfinished broad bolts per team member, this comes to 6000 gp per member
5) You now should go and buy dragon scimitar's with any free 100k cashes you have
6) If you have 30k spare + a Diamond you can buy a dragon dagger from Zanaris, if you don't have a diamond, can buy 60k from Guy near Tree Gnome Village

- F2P STAGE - 60 Minutes in

At this point you should be geared to fight or near enough

1) Make your way as a group to draynor manor, all other members to buy Ava's now.
2) Go back to bank and make sure you have a full inventory prepared to fight



Per Member: 17,500 GP

100 Unfinished Broad Bolts: 6,000 GP
Rune Gloves: 6,500 GP
Adamant Full Helm: 4,000 GP
Ava's GP: 1,000 GP

Dragon Scimitar: 100,000 GP
Dragon Dagger: 30,000 GP

225 Steel Arrows: 6,000 GP
300 Steel Arrows: 10,000 GP
Nature Rune: 200 per
Cosmic Rune: 100 per


The fight began with Slaack casting a strong fire blast at his dutch counterpart (nobody bought blood runes) and the fight began. A lot of running in circles ensued (possibly a flaw of this) and many piles were called. Overall people started falling until it came down to a 3v1v1 with Team Week Prep choosing who will get second place. This was deciced as Steph secured her fate bolting at Dipyo while Dps being opportunistic (with Wes screaming at him to hit Steph) bolted at Steph. Many prayer potions and laps of the Barbarian Village mines later, the fight was over. After the fight was over some fun ensued for most people, however I lost my full dharok's and imbued Berserker Ring. I write this topic from nightmare zone as a winner, but also a loser. Ty for coming guys :) 





















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