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Welcome to Vintage OSRS Community & PvM!


Please Log in or Register to have full access to the site.


When you Register, please check your Spam Folder for the validation email. If you still have issues, please 

contact our leadership team on Discord.


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- Stats & Combat Level & Gear Requirements



Hobbies outside of RS: 

Basketball, Working out, Cars, Golf, hanging with family. 

RuneScape History/Goals: 

I have a rs3 account that i hand made, 15 year cape, max combat and 14 total 99's. quit runescape and came back to runescape. Made a 122cb main and played it until on my irl friends quit and gave me his better 124cb main, so I have both accounts. 

What timezone are you from?:

Colorado - Mountain Standard Time

What are you looking for out of this clan?:

Friends. A community. A reason to get on runescape and to feel motivated. 

What is your full Discord Name?


Do you understand Teamspeak is mandatory? 


Do you know anyone in Vintage? (If so, who): 

I met Bloodsportt and he invited me into the clan. 

Why did you choose Vintage out of any other clan?:

I'm looking for a PVM to get into. I was in the high risk pking community for awhile and just got tired of it. I'd like to get back  into raiding and learning more TOB. 

Do you comprehend our trial period and how it works?:


What positive influences can you bring to our clan? (Be Detailed):

I'm always on and ready to give support and have fun with others. I am never toxic and always ready to have fun and be positive. 

How did you hear about Vintage? (If a member recruited you, please state who): 


What other clans have you been in and why did you leave those clans? (Be specific!):

I've never been in another clan before. This will be my first time.

List your Chambers of Xeric & Theater of Blood killcounts:

COX kc- 276  tob kc- 10

Anything else you'd like to add: 

No just excited to join if possible. Learning TOB now so my kc will go up 10 in the next day. 

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Congratulations, your Trial Membership application to join Vintage has been accepted! We are excited that you felt we met your guidelines for a clan and we hope you thoroughly enjoy your time here with our family. You will now be placed on a three to five week trial period.


As a new Trial Member, here's whats expected of you:

1.) Be active all around the community (site, clan chat, discord, teamspeak)

2.) Continue to improve your account and bettering your gear. 

3.) Attend Events.
4.) Achieve the full member requirements if you do not already meet them:
120+ Combat, 99+ Mage AND 99+ Range, 3+ Referrals, 5+ Events, 15+ Post Count, and ALL Trial Member Item Requirements.


Good luck.

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