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Current RuneScape Display Name: afk Piby

Previous RuneScape UserNames: Piby


Post screenshots of the following below: pMcmizq.pngF8cOlib.png


Hobbies outside of RS: full time gamer (outside work)


RuneScape History/Goals: Joined wintaj back in early 2017 and been an active member until late 2018 when I got permd on my 2.2k total acc and quit rs, im back fresh in 2k20 now with the goals to learn all end game content released after 2018 with littest clan wintaj


What timezone are you from?: gmt +2


What are you looking for out of this clan?: LF some1 to teach me nm and gauntlet for now, tob a little bit later, umm thats pretty much it idk


What is your full Discord Name? Piby#6624


Do you understand Teamspeak is mandatory? Sure


Do you know anyone in Vintage? (If so, who): I know Ego, Reevis, Killerflix, probably theres more that I dont have on top of my head rn and theyre not online atm


Why did you choose Vintage out of any other clan?: I grew up with Vintage (Corey, Ego and other bitches) and never been a part of any other clan so my heart is here and I dont question the option to go join anyone else XD?


Do you comprehend our trial period and how it works?: Yes maam


What positive influences can you bring to our clan? (Be Detailed): Im very active, good at pvm, pretty decent at pk too, I also rock efficient skilling at a decent level and dont plank much


How did you hear about Vintage? (If a member recruited you, please state who): Oh it was good ol days when I was camping zulrah 2017 and I met Corey at clan wars when banking, he recruited me


What other clans have you been in and why did you leave those clans? (Be specific!): None


List your Chambers of Xeric & Theater of Blood killcounts: I had 400+ kc of cox on my old acc but on this one Im 0-0 cox-tob


Anything else you'd like to add: I was on SparcMacLive when were doing raid mass and I barraged all rangers in rope room and got 1hit, everyone had a lol. I know it was posted to forums but I have no idea how to search for it so if anyone knows post it below

Edited by Piby
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