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RuneFest OSRS Keynote Thoughts/Comments

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(A shame it doesn't seem to be embedding, but oh well)


In case you can't be bothered to click the link, the rundown is basically the following:



  • Morytania Updates
    • New Quest: Sins of the Father
      • From their page: "In A Taste of Hope things started to look up for the Myreque with the defeat of Ranis Drakan but that optimism may not last. In Sins of the Father, you'll come face to face with Lord Lowerniel Drakan himself. If you somehow survive, you will unlock access to the Vampyre capital, Darkmeyer!"
    • Darkmeyer.
      • Only thing worthy of note here imo is The Hallowed Sepulchre, which is supposedly a new Agility training method that will unlock dark graceful. 
    • The Nightmare of Ashihama (Pronounced: Ashy hama)
      • Described as a Corp-like group boss with no rewards or gameplay announced
    • More info can be found here: https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/osrs-reveals-morytania-expansion?oldschool=1
  • New Clan Updates:
    • Honestly, not much in specifics or screenshots, but this screenshot sums it up pretty well: frLIXbZ.png
  • Group Ironman Mode
    • Much of it sounds like it's up to change, but what here's what they've described so far
      • 2-5 players per group, with different highscores for each size of group
      • You can increase in group size during gameplay, but you can not decrease.
      • Group leader which can initiate a vote to remove someone, where the removed person will be a part of a newly formed group
      • Can only recruit new fresh accounts in the event someone is removed, thus keeping your size, without gaining the advantage of kicking somebody just to get a better ironman.
  • Misc:
    • PVM Achievement Diaries
    • Twisted Leagues??? (Honestly, Mod Ash didn't seem like he knew what he was talking about either). Mention of some runes that would give you infinite run energy or something? Jake and I think it sounds like Tournament or DMM worlds but for different kinds of features?
    • Rework Old Interfaces (Minigame Shops were mentioned as examples)


And that's about it. Let me know your thoughts.

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pre cool stuff no way they do it all in a year imo

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I mean , I might actually be up for Iron Man mode for once...


Hopefully they can get this stuff out there quick.

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some decent updates on paper, let's see what happens

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Didnt see Squirrels post til now. good one

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