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[ACCEPTED] Studmuffius app

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Current RuneScape Display Name: Studmuffius

Previous RuneScape UserNames: None


Post screenshots of the following below: (If you need help posting a screenshot, refer here ->



Hobbies outside of RS: 

Triathlons, raisin kids, SOME xbox


RuneScape History/Goals: 

Played back in 2006 and quit right around when the GE came out. Loved it, got 99 magic, had a blast, spent years. Heard that you could come start new on an OSRS server almost exactly a year ago, and jumped back in, mostly for the feels but I'm doing way more now than I ever did then


What timezone are you from?:

California, PST


What are you looking for out of this clan?:

PVM availability, lively chat, intermittent advice


What is your full Discord Name?

Studmuffius #6308


Do you understand Teamspeak is mandatory?

Yes. Especially on group events. I can't always hop on voice chat (I'm with my kids a lot) but when it is necessary, I'll either be in teamspeak or won't try and join the raid if I can't.  


Do you know anyone in Vintage? (If so, who): 

Referred to by Narwyn


Why did you choose Vintage out of any other clan?:

my wife recommended 🙂


Do you comprehend our trial period and how it works?:

Yes, pretty self explanatory

What positive influences can you bring to our clan? (Be Detailed):

Lighthearted chat, good dps! Hahaha.... 

How did you hear about Vintage? (If a member recruited you, please state who): 

My wife knows someone there that told her to have me apply

What other clans have you been in and why did you leave those clans? (Be specific!):

I am currently in LODJ, it has been an amazing experience, good advice, etc but has not been very active for around the last 2-3 months

What is your experience with both raids and your KC?

I'm eager to learn raids. I'm a zulrah kill from Elite void. I have 150+kc at bandos, and a few KC at corp, sara, KBD, 100KC at giant mole, 100kc at WT, and a couple here and there at Chaos Ele, Skotizo

Do you currently meet any of our Full Member requirements? (94 Mage AND 96 Range / Full Bandos and Armadyl OR Elite Void):

close(ish) to both. Only been playing a year and my bank is only at 130m, trying to build that up currently. So no full banders or Arma, and I need to finish western hards to get elite void- almost there

Anything you'd like to add: 

I stay pretty chill. Enjoy peoples' company, but no drama here. Just want to be able to do more PVM and skilling activities with active groups!

Edited by studmuffius
wrong name!

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Welcome to vintage, keep training up and stick around!


good luck!

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gl man, good dps is always needed. join our discord. stay active

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Welcome to Vintage and good luck on the trial application process.


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Welcome, my husband and I also play 😄

Good Luck on your app!

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welcome stud!  Glad to have yah! 

Edited by Narwyn

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Yu Gioh

ello feel free to chill on ts and join the disc

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Congratulations, your Trial Membership application to join Vintage has been accepted! We are excited that you felt we met your guidelines for a clan and we hope you thoroughly enjoy your time here with our family. You will now be placed on a three to five week trial period.


As a new Trial Member, here's whats expected of you:

1.) Be active all around the community (site, clan chat, discord, teamspeak)

2.) Continue to improve your account and bettering your gear. 

3.) Attend Events.
4.) Achieve the full member requirements if you do not already meet them: 115+ Combat, 90+ Range OR 94+ Magic, Barrows Gloves & Fire Cape.


Good luck.

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