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Welcome to Vintage OSRS Community & PvM!


Please Log in or Register to have full access to the site.


When you Register, please check your Spam Folder for the validation email. If you still have issues, please 

contact our leadership team on Discord.


How to Join & Requirements

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Hello and Welcome to Vintage. This is going to be a step by step guide in order for you to learn how to apply to Vintage and how your application process will work. In this time you have to prove to the members that you are dedicated enough to be in this clan. Good luck.


The first thing you need to do is register to our site (if you have not done so yet). 


Registration Explanation:



Step 1. Find the Sign-Up button at the top right of the site and click it, alternatively, click this link.



Step 2. You will be on the registration page, fill in your RSN as your display name, your email and create a secure password. we recommend meeting the 'fair' score on the password meter.

Advice: Do not use the email associated with your RuneScape account to register to any RuneScape related services, it is best kept hidden to avoid hijacking.



Step 3. At this point, you must verify your email to confirm you are a genuine registration. An email link will be sent to you that you must click on.



Step 4. The link simply directs you back to us, and you are now registered! To login again in future, simply provide your display name (or email) and password to the login button found next to the Sign-Up button.




After you have registered, you are required to fill out the trial application form, found here:

Simply copy and paste it into a new topic and fill it out.




Once you have yourself acclimated with our forums, the next step is for you to learn what it takes to become a Trial Member of Vintage and prepare to meet these requirements. Follow the video at the bottom of this post on how to use the template to apply. Be sure to read the template post clearly which is found here.

Requirements for Trial Member:






If accepted, you will be apart of the clan on a trial member basis. Continue integrating with the clan and getting full member requirements. Once that is done you can apply for Full Member status. 


Requirements for Full Member:


-120+ Combat with 99 Range & Mage

-All Trial Member Reqs

-3+ Referrals, 5+ Events, 15+ Post Count on Site & 3+ Topics Created


Good luck

- Vintage Leadership



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