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Slayer Competition Results


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The past week us in Vintage have done a no limits slayer competition and we've seen some real gainz, sleepless nights, tight competition and good fun.






1st place - Hxcmackin - 3,868,001 Experience - 23m

2nd place - Se B - 3,843,982 Experience - 11m

3rd place - Animations -  2,038,453 Experience - 4m


But that's not all! All of the top 3 bought-in to the optional buy-in for 2m each, with a total pot of 16m, so Hxcmackin actually wins 39m!

Both of you contact me to claim your reward!



This competition was close fought especially between Hxcmackin and Se B, with just a 20k experience difference at the end, after they edged back and forth between first and second for days. Unfortunately, nobody won the slayer pet reward of 15m, so that prize pool will be rolled over to the next competition. I achieved 99 Slayer during the competition, so by all measures, this competition was a success!









Thank you to all who participated and donated!

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