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  1. 14 points
    Yes... That's 4 hours.... I camped SGS On waves 55-63 to max out my prayer points. It doesn't matter how long it takes to get an achievement you been meaning to get for a while, right? What matters is getting there. You guys will not believe what was going on. I didn't bother recording it, but I swear... The shield had 1 hp...This is how it happened: The shield went to the east at the start of the fight. Which is already a disadvantage since the mager will go rambo on that shield hitting 60s. I didn't bother logging out and back in to restart the fight and hope the shield goes west. This was to avoid Zuk from attacking 1 tick earlier than usual, rendering the "safe spots" useless. Everything went smooth from there till after Jad was killed. I didn't quite tag the mager on the 2nd spawn immediately off the shield which lead it to very low health. I was getting very worried here. I took off my Verac's helm to get that extra accuracy towards the end, mager and ranger spawned for a 3rd time when Zuk had 150 hp. I didn't take any chances, I instantly tagged both mager and ranger, finished off ranger; Shield literally had 1 hp left. Then finished Zuk off. Start: Final: Special Thanks to @Cat Bus for inspiring me to get this cape. I probably wouldn't have gone for this feat if it wasn't for him. I'll be answering questions if you have any. Q: How many attempts? A: 5 full days of trying doing 3-4 attempts ea day. If I had to guess. It was a total of ~17 inferno attempts, ~6 triple Jad attempts, and 4 Zuk attempts. I did 4 full days of attempts back in early November I got really demotivated because I kept fucking up at the triple Jads. I didn't try again till today (Jan 20, 2018). 3 attempts and finally got it. Q: Is Bandos better than Ancestral at inferno? A: Bandos pretty much makes it so you don't have to prayer flick, You pray mage and camp in full bandos. You lose about ~4% accuracy on the nibblers. I only remember splashing about 3 times on the Nibblers. You do lose a lot more prayer points. I negated this by camping SGS a lot (I don't recommend doing this if you're learning how to do the waves). You will also splash a lot more on the mager if you need those heals at the end of each wave
  2. 13 points
    Yesterday our Moderator @Steph got both ancestral robe bottoms and dust in the same drop: Then this happened: Illuminati confirmed
  3. 13 points
    02/21/2017 A few people decided to create a clan together called Vintage; Corey, Gingy, and Josh being the frontrunners. The formidable threesome really spread their wings and started recruiting. Corey, Gingy, and Josh worked hard on recruiting to get our initial member base via Pest Control, old Friends, old warring buddies, and or brand-new people to the scene. Quickly they brought in members like Animations, Reevis, Sir Striker, Sudo, Ego, and many others to what they called home. Vintage pride quickly grew doubling its member base overnight and by one year have a core of 40+ active members and memories that last forever. Some things cannot be forgotten. POST YOUR FAVORITE MOMENT BELOW. Funny Sayings / Moments Some notable Drops Members Gone but never forgotten Some things haven’t changed since nearly the beginning Ego is still going to poke you for events and to post on topics. Sudo is still in charge of warring. Animations is still keeping Ego inline and continuing to be a voice of reason. Owen and Nav are still the cutest couple. The clan is still growing, Gingy is still with Mitchell, Warring is still hanging on by a thread. A qp w is still being spammed in the cc by the same people. Scythes and Twisted bows are still being given to people under 100 kc. While the ranks have changed 100000 times the core values still remain intact. Vintage is a community-based clan striving bases on its members. With that being said I want to personally thank every person who has been a member of staff at any point in time for the work you put into better the clan. I also want to thank the member for showing up when needed contributing to the community being there for each other. Without you, vintage wouldn’t be here today. So here is to another year! -Patchey @Vintage @Guest @Friend
  4. 13 points
    @Ego method op Me flexing my Infernal max cape: I can finally play the game now.
  5. 12 points
  6. 11 points
    Thanks to @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] @killerflixfor Continuing to Help me with the Grind thank you all Cant wait to go another 600 dry for Kit/kits Kekw
  7. 10 points
    story time: alice want farming pet, alice farm seaweed and trees, alice 33m farm xp, alice decide shaman alt need 2k total/farming levels, alice farm on shaman alt, shaman alt is 73 farming. 10 likes and i kill the fucking tree bitch
  8. 10 points
    @Gingy died for this ty
  9. 10 points
    also zuk attempts 1-3 if anyone wants to see my failed attempts
  10. 10 points
    First in my name @[email protected]@Neat
  11. 10 points
    This was a huge grind, thanks to everyone that helped out with everything. @Cat [email protected]@Sir [email protected]@Reevis
  12. 10 points
  13. 9 points
    So this happened: Ancestral bottoms have been a very mystique item for quite some time. Special thanks to the following: @Ego : @Pvmj : @Steph : @alice : @Chriss z : @Karl : @isokitty : @killerflix : @Reevis : @slaack: @Yu Gioh: @blackberry : @Reckless : @Rsvo : @L2 DPS : @Nav Season : Images of Boxxy getting #ancestbottoms just before the dust: Getting olm pet on an alt: Ancestral bottoms: Please ignore this part: Normal loot from raids: Hat trick achieved. Prob going to go for Dust now. Thanks for viewing my topic.
  14. 9 points
    so i was tryna teach @spamclick how to solo cox coz he sucks so bad, but it was rly late for me, as in 9am and i aint slept and idk why im stil awake writing this topic right now but i mayaswel do it now before @Ego gets on my ass. i told @killerflix to do one to show him how its done, me and @Nav Season even scouted him a perfect vtv wr raid and he fkd it up, first by not bringing enough prayer potions for vespula, and then by dying on tekton smh. so i was like fk it gota step up now init. so i went an did a prety sht one ngl, but it was stil way beter than watever malarky kilerflix did afterward. and i happened to get this it sold for 1 139 m, the 139 i gave away to the boys and i spent most of the 1b on useless stuff as u can see below, ye i instabought all of it xd probs lost about 100m but hey ho so now i look like a animal
  15. 9 points
    So i decided to do some cm's with the gang 266.5m split for myself, @Kinomoto, @Reevis & @Jubita
  16. 9 points
    Today we celebrate vintages 3rd year anniversary, and its safe to say we had a really strong year. We've seen growth across the board and have had many memorable drops and maxing milestones! So to celebrate we started with a fun fashionscape cox run that ended with @Animationspulling an ancestral top! Pretty flawless raid! After our cox run we played a few rounds of hide and seek, some pretty nice cash/items were given out To wrap up the events, we had a massive drop party Thanks to all that came out to show some support, hope everyone had fun. All the gp for the event was donated by staff along with strong contributions from: @Chriss z @slaack @Patchey @Sir Striker @Reevis Lets keep the momentum going forward and make Vintage's 4th year the best one yet. Some more changes will be coming shortly, so stay tuned for another post! -Vintage Staff
  17. 9 points
  18. 9 points
    Thanks everyone who came, it's been a long Journey, 2nd account working on max and its finally done Drop Party will happen Saturday 2nd November when Gmt+ Est Are both online Makes it Fair.
  19. 9 points
    When you feel like it's you against the world.... I tell you, never give up! For from the depths of nothing, scratch, no trading, a single lonely ironman can rise to the epic ranks of fame! IRON FOREVER! IRON INFERNO! Felofh came to pay me a visit. Many others were watching me in TS. Thanks to everyone who came, it was exceedingly fun and a very intense fight. The reason he has a schlong is because we had a duel afterward. I reclaimed my title as Vintage's STRONGEST Iron. Infernal on main, infernal on iron. Ego was so flabbergasted that he died at wt. How can he die at wt? I just survived inferno? IRON STRENGTH IRON FUTURE
  20. 9 points
  21. 9 points
    Gave him the good ol' zucc. Good luck to the rest of you still trying, don't give up!
  22. 9 points
    This Thursday we had our standard weekly war with Sanity, with a little twist. We had 16 people show up, and they had between 11 and 13 for the round. Thanks to some great tanking, unbelievable spears, and beautiful AGS specs timed with our spears, we managed to perfect Sanity 5-0, and even managed to perfect them in a couple of rounds. This is a great step in the right direction for us, but we can't sit back on our laurels and think that we're where we need to be. We need to keep moving forward. To those of you missing levels and gear, I hope you felt the power and you're motivated to achieve it in the normal game. I'm very proud of everyone's performance, and hope we continue to perform. Montage Video: Ego's Video:
  23. 9 points
    Sunday's event was a great turnout. We began our PK trip at Venenatis, and then moved to all the usual spots. Huge loot everywhere. Found DK near RDG and fought them multiple times all over the wilderness aswell. #Vintage Our Encounters with DK: Then we moved to calisto to slap out some Veracers and pkers: And then GDZ: And to finish this post... @frosty fraz
  24. 8 points
    Max in 2020?
  25. 8 points
  26. 8 points
  27. 8 points
    Felofh inspired me to do solo's at 2am and yeah Also thanks @Nav Seasonfor the scout
  28. 8 points
    Thanks to @Xpm's lucky nipple for blessing me with this pet
  29. 8 points
    [insert pic of attendance here that I forgot to take :<] THE CASULTIES Some notable drops! Huge grats to @Unicorn for his FFA Spectral breaking the Vintage dry streak! Thank you everyone for coming!!
  30. 8 points
    14/01/20 - Dust achieved 08/04/20 - Olmlet achieved Overall 872KC!!! Thank you to everyone who came along on the journey for both dust and Olmlet!!
  31. 8 points
    Since this isn't my first time, I feel like it should have taken 1 or 2 attempts. It took 4 attempts total. I should stop taking long breaks from content like this to avoid struggling. Getting the cape using Justiciar is frowned upon by many people. To be honest, I don't really care about "Honor" as I have gotten the cape before Justiciar even excisted. I just simply wanted to get it and move on with the game. This is the setup I used: -I used the best gear money could buy. - Ring of the Gods (i) to relieve my prayer usage issues since I tend to get lazy af prayer flicking. Also gives the holy wrench effect. - This setup pretty much ensures I survive the waves 98% of the time at the cost of a longer attempt. I tend to barrage nibblers wearing arma top and ancestral legs to avoid splashing: First Attempt: Was a genuine fail. Shield died and I had next to 0 supplies. I took Jad hits so I only had 3 brews for Zuk (which is plenty with minimal mistakes). I deserved to fail as I didn't do too well this attempt. At least I made it past healers. I could have gotten it here if I played a bit better. 2nd Attempt: Still made mistakes. Took a Jad hit at triples which made me go in with 1 less brew. I did a lot better on prayer flicking this attempt, I had 2 restores to spare. I spawned healers and I unfortunately took a Zuk hit while tagging ranger. I was 1 tile off. F*ck my life... 3rd Attempt: I honestly thought this was the attempt. I had plenty of supplies this round. Healers were getting dealt with. However, I took a Zuk hit all because I was 1 tile off. I died in the same spot as attempt #2. I nearly gave up here. Attempt 4: I nearly gave up hope, but I decided to give it one more shot in the same day I failed an attempt. I got it this time, I played it extra safe and decided to brew to full every time during this attempt. I did use up a lot of brews, it was all for a good cause tho. I did it! Here is some advice: - Don't go for this cape unless you like a real "challenge". This challenge isn't for everyone. - Don't expect to get this cape "fast" you won't. - Personally, I think the "tank" method is a better way to learn the waves. "Tank" method becomes inferior once you get better, Switch to the standard setup (arma/ancest) - Use Ring of the Gods (i) if you suck at prayer flicking or CBA. The holy wrench effect and +8 prayer bonus is pretty huge! - Use Bastion potions because saradomin's defence boost isn't good enough. - If you're still learning, use addy/rune darts during the waves, once you get get past wave ~60, Switch to higher tier ammo. - If you can easily do the waves, consider using dragon darts the whole way through. Don't cheap out and use rune/addy. That extra DPS against ranger or the healers could be enough to obtain the cape. - If you ever get close, never give up. I almost gave up on my 3rd attempt. I tried again and got it on my 4th attempt. - Luck is part of the game, You could get lucky, or very unlucky. As you get more skilled, you tend to know how to play even with bad luck. - Bad luck examples: Shield goes east, Tbow doesn't hit, lag, Ranger has 100% accuracy and hits b2b 40s. - Good luck examples: Shield goes west, Spawns are ideal, Tbow actually hits when you want it to hit, ranger manages to hit a couple 0s on you. Thank you for reading.
  32. 8 points
    4man with @Oxx @slaack @Dark 6 t bow splits from 255 cm raids, 12 total (1510 normal, 255 cm) sry @Jubita
  33. 8 points
    got my first 2160kc not sure what im gonna do with it
  34. 8 points
  35. 8 points
    1 attempt a day for around 20 days, I geniunely never thought i'd make it this far! Supplies going into zuk: Thank you soooooooo much to everyone who supported me through this journey - I appreciate I probably didn't shut up about it no fkeys btw Special thank you to @Yu Gioh and @Ego for lending me gear Now lets make some COIN
  36. 8 points
    In the past month I met soo many good men and women in Vintage and we started off with just doing cox/cm and with in a few days of knowing you guys I got pushed into ToB and I honestly was whining a lot cause I hate wasting time and dying and you guys put up with me for a week straight to help me pull off my first purple!!!! (I did not die this raid ego did) Thank you to all of you who helped!!
  37. 8 points
  38. 8 points
    This is the site I use to calculate drops. I prefer not to use any RS-related sites except vintage/new wiki, so I like it. You can calculate the chance of anything in Runescape if you already know the drop rate. Link to the Binomial Distribution calculator Your box if interest is probably the bottom box (greater than or equal to x). Just enter the probability of the successful event, then the amount of kills you're going to do, and then the number of times you want this to happen(usually 1), then hit calculate. You have to write the chance of the drop (top box) in decimal form sadly, so just plug it into your PC's calculator. For the lazy, here are some common drop rates in decimal form below. For raids, you have to look up the probability on the wiki. 1/17 0.0588 -chance of at least one barrows item 1/60: 0.016667 -chance of first 3 ecumenical keys after hard diary 1/100: 0.01 -chance of Jad pet on task 1/128: 0.0078125 -Stanard rare drop: dagganoth rings, GWD "lesser" drops like tassets, a zulrah unique, many more 1/512: 0.001953125 -Standard rarer drops: primordial crystal, approximate chance of a GWD hilt 1/3000: 0.000333334 -Chance of a solo boss pet such as mole, cerb, kraken 1/5000: 0.0002 -Chance of a GWD pet 1/7779: 0.00012855 -Chance of a Squirrel pet doing 1 lap at Penguin course at 80 agility 0/1: 0.0 -Chance of @Ego maxing in the next 3 years "pretty high actually" -Chance of @AncientOath getting laid Fun facts: I plugged in the chance of a heron on monkfish vs @Karl's xp. The chance getting a Heron off of monks by 46m xp is about 93%. The chance of @AncientOathgetting two cerb crystals (any type) by 28kc is 2%. The chance of getting three in 31 kc is 0.182% The chance of this happening with all eternal crystals is 0.0032% The chance of getting at least one of ANY drop exactly on drop rate (you can see this above) is about 63%. At 69% of the drop rate, you have 50% chance of getting at least one drop (coin toss). Have fun.
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  40. 8 points
  41. 8 points
  42. 8 points
    After a break from warring, we came back to fight Sanity. People were looking forward to it and showed up prepared. Sanity was dropping like flies left and right while we perfected them. Vintage wins 4-0. Good job guys.
  43. 8 points
    I started this journey on August 2017... After few attempts, I got hacked... Had to rebuild all the way back up.... and then once I could finally get back to the inferno, i got randomly perm banned, and still up to this day, had no answers of WHY I got instant-perm ban on my Maxcape 10+ years account with no rules broken ever... I was frustrated... couldn't understand why... But I'm the kind of guy that never back down. After 18 Attempts, here goes! (Used Runelite for my last 5-6 attempts since people kept telling me to use it for markers, and im glad I did, but didnt get used to screenshots sorry) Time for Mutagen hunt!! for RSB's
  44. 8 points
    We started the Mog Time event 30 minutes earlier then advertised, teleing up to 50 ports with 30 strong Wintaj Men. After Destroying Sanity for a heron pet and Multiple Mog Time Massers, the worlds started to lag, so we decided it be best to take our loot hungry warriors to PK at rev caves. Once at Rev Caves, cleared some teams and fought and cleared Avalon multiple times. Gf guys Loot Thank you to all the max cape af nerds that came, Ez Smokes #wintaj
  45. 8 points
  46. 8 points
  47. 8 points
    so first i got this after about 20rune drag kills l0l shout out to @Animations for making the platebody for me <3 and then i was like fk it sold my bank and bought one of these bad boyz shout out to @stone deadfor lending me 2m come at me now ya fukerz
  48. 8 points
    Today was a very sad day for Vintage. One of our most veteran members had announced he would be quitting indefinitely. Cat Bus was one of Vintage's best PvMers, having the accolade of receiving the first Infernal for Vintage, and many other things. Cat Bus decided to go out with a Bang; Gambling his Infernal Capes (Yes multiple), staking his TBow, having a 1 Billion GP drop party, and finishing off the night with some Last Man Standing. Thank you for the memories Cat Bus and all you've done for Vintage, we will miss you. Below are our final moments with Cat Bus. 99 Def Party T Bow Stake Drop Party And now to move away from Cat Bus, we show our Sunday night feast. We ran into and destroyed VR, TS, Mog Time, and DK. Good Bye Cat Bus. You will be missed.
  49. 7 points
    Second corp event in a row we got lucky lucky! Huge gz to @Chriss z! RIP @Pvmj this is what you get for not eating your biscuits. Thank you to everyone who came!
  50. 7 points
    Our Duo's have been rough but it paid off Ez @Steph
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