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  2. Ruptured

    Trial Member application

    Fixed, Thanks again
  3. Very nice man, welcome back. That tbow still juicy.
  4. Patchey

    ShaftyD's first month back gainz!

    nice topic good work
  5. As the title says, here are the gains from my 1st month back after my break. Levels~ ~~This was my first weekend back. My net lagged and I almost had a 75-80 cooking exp drop. https://gyazo.com/d0de0eb17df411516f5f79d0400d5ea8 Random PvM/Slayer drops~ ~~~~7 man Tbow split to @Yu Gioh's Ironman Quests~
  6. Ego

    Trial Member application

    Hey man, post screenshot of your stats and what is your rsn? Gl
  7. Heritage

    Trial Member application

    Welcome, gl.
  8. Steph

    Trial Member application

    Welcome GL
  9. Dark

    Trial Member application

    Welcome! gl on your app and hope you enjoy your time here, it is a pretty decent clan to be a part of.
  10. David

    Trial Member application

    rest looks good, gl and welcome
  11. Upriser

    Trial Member application

    Welcome, need to imbed the pictures
  12. Hobbies outside of RS: Music, College, Work, Gym, fishing RuneScape History/Goals: Rebuild, enjoy my time playing, maybe max at some point What timezone are you from?: USA east What are you looking for out of this clan?: PVM mainly What is your full Discord Name? ruptured#7748 Do you understand Teamspeak is mandatory? Yes Do you know anyone in Vintage? (If so, who): hxcmackin/ aka c00ky Why did you choose Vintage out of any other clan?: a friend of mine, c00kymonster referred me Do you comprehend our trial period and how it works?: Yes What positive influences can you bring to our clan? (Be Detailed): I have split a twisted bow on3 occasions, active in wdr during that period of time, don't really get angry or yell at others, just want to have a good time on scape How did you hear about Vintage? (If a member recruited you, please state who): c00kymonster/hxcmackin What other clans have you been in and why did you leave those clans? (Be specific!): runeguru (long term family clan) still interact with them for years, since the creation of my account What is your experience with both raids and your KC? 1600 COX 4 TOB Anything you'd like to add: I just need a clan that does a lot more then chill together, pvm is what i enjoy doing most of the time and there is a lack of that in my clan, we are family and sometimes i pvm with old friends but they're not as into raids as i am Do you currently meet any of our Full Member requirements? (94 Mage AND 96 Range / Full Bandos and Armadyl OR Elite Void):
  13. Jubita

    I killed the inferno! :)

    grats =]
  14. Nav Season

    Is this part of site broken?

  15. Nav Season

    First ring drops!

  16. Nav Season

    Dallas Cowboys 2-0!

  17. David

    Is this part of site broken?

  18. Yesterday
  19. Yu Gioh

    Is this part of site broken?

    gj using the sites functions and finding the problem
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